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 Fiberglass  wool

Fiberglass wool is manufactured using high quality fiberglass . In this raw materials are dosed, mixed, melted and impregnated with a special binder and formed into a primitive mat of very fine fiber glass. With the help of conveyors, it is then transferred to the cold end of the plant for binder polymerization.

Application Areas
It is often used for insulation in office buildings, modern entertainment centre, roof and HVAC system . It is also used in other residential and industrial buildings for walling and partitioning, for faced and external walls, for suspended ceiling and for HVAC Duct works.


Features :
    •   Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
    •   Light weight and easy to fabricate on job site
    •   Non-combustible and fire-retardant
    •   Very economical, especially when using thick layers of insulation
    •   Durable and termite proof


    •   Density:- 16kg/m3 to 48kg/m3
    •   Thickenss- 25mm( Standard)
    •   Length-50m,100m
    •   Width- 1200mm(Standard)


Special Products can be made according to the specification of the customer.